The secret pocket

This morning it got a lot colder outside; -5 Celsius where I live. Therefore, time to switch to another jacket. The new jacket I wore today has got all these extra pockets and zippers, but only one inside of it. Since I need to stuff my gloves, cap, PDA and iPod in it, I started going through the other pockets, since I was slightly leaning to the left with a lot of things in that inner pocket.

After some searching, while standing on the subway, I found a pocket on the top right hand side. Wise from previous experiences, I know that some of these jackets have zippers like this that you only open up to get some air flow through, i.e. it’s no pocket so things will fall straight through, so I put my hand in to check that it inde ed was a genuine pocket.

However, I felt some kind of lump in it, and with me, curious as hell, I had to pull it out and see what it was. Sometimes I put paper in pockets just in case I ever need some to blow my nose or similar. But what I pulled up, amongst all the people standing around me, was a sock! After some weird glances, I promptly put the sock back into the pocket. I think I’ll go through the pockets within the safety of my home the next time…

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