Google Pack is released

It has been some talk about this lately, and Google has now released Google Pack. Basically, it’s a package of different software that’s there to make your computer life better. I guess this is targeted at users who aren’t very computer savy, or people that just want it all bundled. Google’s first step towards world domination, maybe…? πŸ™‚

The default package includes

Google software

Additional software

Optional software that can be added to your package

The Google software is pretty obvious, but I think Norton with a subscription that ends after 6 months will annoy people. My guess is that they will perceive this as a free package that will just work. No fees, no additional download, no extra costs.

The other shocker is Real Player. Is it a joke? I mean, really, come on. We all know how hard Real Player sucks. Not the company I’d like to get associated with, I tell you that.

What’s your take on? Will you download it?


  • I am baffled by this software offering from Google. I just don’t understand why? I mean some of these apps are great but is there any extra value by lumping the good with the mundane and lame?

    And I agree with your opinion of Real Player… bleh!

  • As much as I do not like Real Player, I have to install it because I am a very big fan of bowling. And installing Real Player is the only way I can get to watch bowling from the pba tour (

    I really think this kind of bundling sucks! I do not like Real Player, but I am forced to deal with it. And no, I just can not stop watching bowling! πŸ™‚

    I was also a bit surprised when I heard about the release… Not what I had expected.

  • It problably is another step in indexing the world's information. They have just decided to index even our content on our local computers. Bundling it all in one big pack is just a way to make it easier… If you're fixing someone's computer, will you download those programs one by one or will you get the google pack and save some time? Somewhere around those thoughts I think the real reason for them releasing that pack is.

  • I'd rather stick pins in my eyes…

  • Stoicho says:

    This is another privacy shoot out!

    Both Acrobate Reader and Real Player can be conisdered as a first class spyware!

    Google's products – same thing.

    Thing is the average never read those EULA's, and are justclicking "I agree" buttons.

    Real is there because of the resent Google – AOL deal πŸ™‚

  • Nathan Smith says:

    It doesn't sound like something I'd download. Sure, we all make use of some of Google's products, but most of that would be bloat-ware for picky users. It's a good idea on Google's part though. It sort of reminds me of how major fast food chains let people order by number, removing the necessity to think.

  • There is a great alternative for playing RealMedia files:

    You get not only player capable of playing RM files, but also set of codecs that enable you to treat RM as any other media files – i.e. you can play it in your preferable media player.

  • andr3 says:

    Nope, not me. At the moment I have most of that software already installed, so i don't see the need. Although, when I reinstall my winxp (something I tend to do periodically) I'll probably download it.

    I've been seeing lots of negativity towards Google's recent releases… are these signs of the end of The Google Period? *gasp*

  • Robert Nyman says:

    Interesting to see such diversed views on it, thanks for commenting!

    Dejan, thanks for the link to an alternative, and Jens and Steve, thanks for being very direct and concise in your answers. πŸ™‚

    From Google's perspective, naturally, it's a good way to spread their products and make it easier for end users. Thing is, will the end users be satisified? Perphaps Nathan is right, that this is the software equivalent of fast food.

    Maybe you're on to something, andr3; Google seem to have lost some popularity lately.

    In the end, I guess one thing I should've asked is: if you would download a software pack from some company, which one would it be?

  • Jens Meiert says:

    I couldn't resist πŸ˜‰

    Concerning the last question: Surprisingly – Google (though not this one, obviously). Or a software pack of JetBrains (producer of the famous IntelliJ IDEA IDE, my favorite development tool since 2001). But this depends, such a pack must really suit all my needs, of course.

  • Google’s first step towards world domination, maybe…?

    Hm … I know this was a joke. But actually, I am beginning to worry about what Google is about to do. To me, they become more and more Microsoft, and this does suck even more than RealPlayer. πŸ˜‰

    So no, I don’t download the package, and I don’t really get at what target audience they are aiming. If it is in fact computer newbies, then it is probably very confusing if they get an extension for a program and right after that another program (say: browser) that does the same thing, plus it has the same toolbar integrated.

  • nasser says:

    please read this open letter to larry page and sergey brin from iranian user

  • Robert Nyman says:


    Yes, that would probably be my answer too. If any company, it would be Google. However, if they keep this up with bundling things like Real Player that attitude would soon change, though.


    Very valid thoughts, I'm also curious about their game plan.


    Thanks for the link, I'm sorry to hear about that. I guess I'm too spoiled living in a country like Sweden to even consider that things like that are going on.

  • andy says:

    I like this post. It seems like i agree with most of what was said. My two cents, essential software does not involve a screen saver, nor does it include instant messenger programs. I detailed out the software listed in googles pack and point out one by one how useless the google pack is and how it works in reverse to better beginner users.

    Google making The Dumb, More Dumb

  • Robert Nyman says:


    Thanks for sharing.

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