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I saw this four things meme going around the blogging world but was kind of hoping it would miss me. Just as things seemed to quiet down, though, Roger got me. Make sure to follow the links from this post, some of them are actually interesting! 🙂

Here goes:

Four jobs I’ve had in my life

  • Working in a gas station
  • Packaging trucks for UPS
  • Sales man
  • Web developer

Four movies I can watch over and over

I love movies, and I also have reviews of some in my movies section. Not sure I would really watch Big Fish over and over, but it’s an amazing movie and everyone should see it.

Four places I have lived

  • Bromma, Sweden
  • New York City, USA
  • Stockholm (Södermalm), Sweden
  • Vallentuna, Sweden

Four TV shows I love to watch

Same goes here as for movies; I love watching TV. To be allowed to only pick out only four TV shows is excruciating to me.

Four places I have been on vacation

  • Easter Island
  • New Zealand
  • China
  • Mexico

To travel is something fundamental in my life, and I have been to many places. Our longest trip is when Fredrika and I went around the world in 2002 .

Four of my favorite dishes

  • Scampi
  • Quesadillas (chèvre cheese, jalapenos, honey and prosciutti in a garlic-flavored pita bread, nicely warmed up in a grill frying pan)
  • Pizza
  • Fish soup with saffron and garlic bread

Four websites I visit daily

Four places I would rather be right now

Since I’ve been to many places, I thought I’d mention four places I haven’t been to but that I really get to visit one day.

  • Egypt
  • Peru
  • Antarctica
  • Madagascar

Four bloggers I am tagging

Technically speaking, he hasn’t got a blog (to my knowledge), but I still just have to name him as a runner-up, because I know he would put together an outstanding (and maybe horrifying?) list: Mr. Robert Wellock.


I would actually want to tag each and every one of you kind enough to read my ramblings, so please please feel free to share your four items in any or all of the categories below in a comment!


  • These four questions differ; but I'll go by these… and hijack Robert's page you know you were playing with fire. 😀

    <blockquote cite=""&gt;…I know he would put together an outstanding (and maybe horrifying?) list:

    I left and abanded the root site in 1999 or 2000 and they were my first ever pages that I made in 1999, and got so frustrated with CSS support and things I just left them there as a "reminder" of all those bad practices.

    I tend to use: (which does have a forum but it is only by invite) it helps if you are a pretty 'Beardless One' though. ;).

    Alternatively: though you'd have to write the reply in lyric form. 😀

    Four jobs I've had in my life

    Well, it depends really what you want to call a job, or lifestyle.

    * Sheep/Dairy Farmer

    * Grass Counter for the <abbr title="The Sports Turf Research Institute">STRI</abbr>

    * Science Technician

    * Cisco trained Network Specialist and Trouble-shooter

    Four movies I can watch over and over

    What are movies; I've heard of that new guy called 'Charlie Chaplin', he might become famous soon. Probably classics maybe: "Psycho" (only joking there). Sincerely though I'd probably watch a comedy, well the last one was: Jabberwocky.

    Four places I have been on vacation

    Technically none; unless you count Manchester City when I was a University Slacker Student for a couple of years.

    Four of my favorite dishes

    No, favorites but I have favo[u]rite dishes normally they are made out of hardened-clay and cooked in a kiln; I'll list some of the British Ones:

    * Yorkshire Puddings I am a Yorkshire Man.

    * Fish and Chips

    * A full English breakfast

    * Cat Food (Well, the leftovers go to our wild cats).

    * Any good Homemade food.

    Four websites I visit daily

    That would be telling, and no it isn't MI5

    Four places I would rather be right now

    * Ã…snorrbodarna

    * New Zealand

    * Scotland

    * North Pole

    That way I'd be able to visit some good friends or relatives.

    Four bloggers I am tagging

    Technically I am null and void from this list.

    Thanks for letting me reply here; given more time I'd have done a better list.

  • sculder says:

    Yeah! Beauty, Nemo, Gump, Friends and New Zealand, that's it. 😀 I feel glad, when interests match with different people.

  • Jens Meiert says:

    Thanks for tagging, Robert, though I just had to grin about Mike's post. He's right anyway, but memes often are fun nonetheless. – Well, here we go. Since my blog still is under construction, and though I presumably will publish this meme there anyway anytime, the original now will be located here 😉

    Four jobs I’ve had in my life

    Har, I just start from the beginning, to exclude most of the IT jobs (and job titles) I had.

    Locksmith Assistant (vacation job)

    Assembly-line Worker (vacation job)

    Waiter (side job)

    Web Designer

    Four movies I can watch over and over

    Pulp Fiction


    Bang Boom Bang

    Kill Bill Volume 1

    Four places I have lived

    Quebec, Canada

    Nienburg, Germany

    Oldenburg, Germany

    Hamburg, Germany

    Four TV shows I love to watch

    Scrubs (best comedy ever)


    Alias (mostly unfounded, but entertaining nonetheless)

    Sportschau (German sports news) 😉

    Four places I have been on vacation

    Anywhere, Denmark

    Anywhere, Netherlands

    Anywhere, United Kingdom

    Anywhere, Spain

    Four of my favorite dishes


    Doner Kebab

    Gratin, conjured by me


    Four websites I visit daily





    Four places I would rather be right now

    Don't know any of these places yet, but.

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Los Angeles, United States of America

    Barcelona, Spain

    Anywhere, Antarctica

    Four bloggers I am tagging

    Nobody. Yet.

  • Robert, thank you so much for tagging me! It's an honour for such a little fish as me. 😉

    I am gonna publish my list on my web site tomorrow or on Sunday, but since it's German it's probably best if I publish it here in English so that you're also able to understand it. 😉

    Four jobs I’ve had in my life

    Well, I'm only a student, I've never "really" worked yet in my life. Therefore I can only come up with three jobs in total which I've done so far:

    Factory worker

    Clerk in a hospital office

    <abbr title="Hypertext Preprocessor">PHP</abbr> programmer

    Four movies I can watch over and over

    Fight Club

    American Beauty (yep, me too ;))

    Rain Man

    Léon (<abbr title="also known as">a.k.a.</abbr> The Professional in the <abbr title="United States">U.S.</abbr>)

    Four places I have lived

    Allschwil, Switzerland

    Reinach, Switzerland

    Friedrichshafen, Germany

    Romanshorn, Switzerland

    Four TV shows I love to watch


    The Simpsons

    King of Queens

    The <abbr title="Orange County">O.C.</abbr>, but only season 1

    Four places I have been on vacation

    Palma de Mallorca

    Algarve coast, Portugal

    Toscana, Italy

    Paris, France

    Four of my favorite dishes

    Cordon Bleu


    McDonald's Cheeseburger Royal

    Scampi (I'm not sure if that's what I mean — those little creatures looking like half-moons?)

    Four websites I visit daily

    As I'm using Google Reader, I'm actually visiting almost 50 pages daily. But I'll list a few non-<abbr title="Really Simple Syndication">RSS</abbr> sites:


    <abbr title="Verein der Informatik Studierenden">VIS</abbr>-Forum (my college forum)


    Four places I would rather be right now

    some warm island in the Caribbean

    Los Angeles


    Reykjavik, Iceland

  • Bloody hell! It looked so beautiful in the preview. Nah, I just shouldn't trust those JavaScript previews. 🙁 Robert, can you please correct the text so that's it's readable for a human being? Thanks! 🙂

  • Robert Nyman says:

    Everyone, thanks a lot for sharing!!!

    Robert W,

    I think I know what I did when I unleashed the beast! 🙂

    Interesting to see Tommy Olsson's hometown mentioned there.


    Yes, it's great to beable to relate to people from very different parts of the world.


    That's right, Scrubs really deserves to be on someone's list. Also, I remember my brother telling me about his Doner Kebab addiction when he was living in Berlin.


    Some good movies you have there! And yeah, I really want to go to Iceland too!

    Jens and SilentWarrior,

    I'm sorry about the preview fooling you in your comments; the preview I control, the actual result saved and published is up to some hidden magic in WordPress… 😐

    Also, I didn't know if you would write in English or German, so I was kind of curious about that! 🙂

  • Mantroniks says:

    My 4 movies:

    Girlfight (Karyn Kusama)

    Shawshank redemption (Frank Darabont)

    The Royal Tenenbaums (Wes Anderson)

    Rabbit Proof Fence (Phillip Noyce)

    my 4 TV series

    Red Dwarf (BBC) !!!!

    Fawlty Towers (John Cleese)

    Absolutely Fabuleous (BBC)

    Matlock (US)

    my 4 dishes

    Tortilla (homemade myself)

    Spaghetti Picante Bolognese (homemade myself)

    Fresh grilled Scampis with garlic (near by the mediterranean sea)

    Walnut icecream with a touch of eggnogg

  • Robert Nyman says:


    Thanks for sharing!

    Reading your list, I cust came to think about how good The Shawshank Redemption, Red Dwarf and especially Fawlty Towers really are. Now I know a list will never do justice to all the good stuff that's out there… 🙂

  • Mantroniks says:

    @Robert Nyman

    Girlfight (Karyn Kusama)

    The Royal Tenenbaums (Wes Anderson)

    I believe these movies you should try too!

  • […]
    Interesting game of tag in which four people are it at the same time. I was tagged by Robert Nyman. Four jobs I’ve had in my life Swimming Pool Lifeguard Black’s photo […]

  • Robert Nyman says:


    Girlfight I know nothing about. I've seen The Royal Tenenbaums and didn't like it all. The humor felt too pretentious and that it was overly trying to be cool.

    But maybe I missed something… 🙂

  • Mantroniks says:

    Girlfight (about female boxer , is a good movie)

    Also from Uruguay , a hilarious movie

    25 Watts

    Although british comedy is my fav but 25 watts is top!!

  • Robert Nyman says:


    Thanks for sharing!


    Ah, thank you! 🙂

  • Ah yeah, Ã…snorrbodarna is the secret-intelligence bunker where Tommy has been "exiled". He has a message from me, which he promised to relay when he meets you in Stockholm later on this year. According to him 300-mile is too close for telephone calls and reckons the probability of bumping into someone 'in person' within Sweden is good odds. 🙂

  • Robert Nyman says:

    Robert W,

    Ha ha! Well, we'll see… 🙂

  • Interesting four things stuff.

    I particularly like your four favourite dishes. Yam yam yam.

  • Robert Nyman says:


    Thanks! 🙂

  • neojp says:

    Hehe, I'm from Peru and would say it's a cool place to visit and travel to 😉

  • Robert Nyman says:


    Most definitely! 🙂

  • Robert Toth says:


    I you have some more beatiful photos of New Zealand please share it with our visitors in our photo gallery section –


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