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Today is a happy day for me! I have a full page in the Swedish magazine Computer Sweden , it’s an interview that got split into two articles. One is about Web 2.0 and the different online services that are released, and the other one is about using web standards, semantic code and separation of content (HTML/XHTML), presentation (CSS) and interactivity (JavaScript) to target as many users as possible.

Why this is a big thing to me is because it’s the computer magazine with the widest spread in Sweden; an estimate of 127 000 readers! That’s about five times the population in the town I live in, Vallentuna, or about 1/70th of all the Swedes. 🙂

Another thing that makes me happy is that the journalist that interviewed me is the same one whose article I expressed my opinions about two weeks ago. Kudos to him for understanding the constructiveness of my post and also seeing how I could contribute to his magazine.

If you have a web code for Computer Sweden, you can read the two articles here:


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