Nima and Stephan, thank you for writing

In Stockholm we have two morning papers for free, Metro In Swedish and Stockholm City In Swedish. Since I have about one hour to commute one-way, reading these really helps to make the journey to my job as pleasant as possible.

What stands out, though, is one columnist from each paper: Nima Daryamadj writing for Stockholm City and Stephan Mendel Enk writing for Metro. Both are very eloquent, and skilled enough writers to throw in just the perfect amount of humor to be entertaining and spellbinding while at the same time driving through very important and serious standpoints. Examples can be found in Nima’s excellent Ska kungen kalla oss ”svennar”? In Swedish and Stephan’s Brottsmoral lär sig barn i sandlÃ¥dan In Swedish.

If any of these would ever produce a book with a collection of their columns or something of the like, I’d love to read it (actually, Stephan has previously released the book Den problematiska manligheten In Swedish if anyone’s interested).

So, Nima or Stephan, thank you!

If any of you ever read this and are in the Stockholm area, please contact me and we’ll do lunch, ok? 🙂


  • Veracon says:

    In Denmark we have metroXpress, which is derived from Metro. In addition, where I live, we have Urban and JPÃ…rhus+. metroXpress is my favourite, though I don' really know why.

    I agree that there sometimes are some great articles (though I don't have any favourite columnists, personally) while sometimes the papers are just full of… well, crap.

  • Jules says:

    Our two newspapers, Sudbury Star and Northern Life, also are quite humourous but the editors wouldn't see it that way. It was a running joke at Laurentian University when I moved here to <a href=",+Ontario&quot; rel="nofollow">Sudbury that the person who could find the most errors (spelling or grammatical) would receive the day's prize.

  • Robert Nyman says:


    Oh definitely, there's a lot of crap in those magazines as well. But sometimes good things can be found! 🙂


    Ha ha! 🙂

  • s10ley says:

    Sorry for my english.

    You're lucky – you can make Choise of what you read, listen or talk… In Belorus we don't have a Choise… Are you sayin that magazine and newspaper full of crap – In my country I see and read only a crap in newspaper, TV and radio.

    …sorry if that's not funny :(, but this is what I think.

  • Robert Nyman says:


    I'm sorry to hear that, I know we should be happy to have free press.

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