Geek Meet success!

Last night we held the first Geek Meet in Stockholm. In my experience, it was an immense success, if for nothing else, at least compared to my expectations.

Pretty much everyone that had signed up actually came, about 17 persons in total. After a rough start with a lot of unexpectedly locked doors in the building, people getting lost, one person held up by a robbery in downtown Stockholm etc, everyone seemed to really enjoy it.

I held a brief introduction and then everyone attending got to present themselves, what they do and what their backgrounds are. What I liked, as opposed to endless other meetings I’ve been to in my life, is that people seemed genuinely interested in getting to know each other and what they had to say.

Now that we know that this concept works, it will be a monthly meet-up with speakers, discussions and free food and drinks. The latest information about the event and the next time it will occur can always be found in the official Geek Meet page.

I’d also like to direct a thanks to adocca for sponsoring last night’s event with a cool place to be, food and beer. Another one goes out to everyone making this happen, especially Phil Sherry who went through hell and high water to assist me.

I hope to see as many as possible of you at the next meet-up June 8th! Please sign up in the Geek Meet June ’06 post.



Pictures from last night’s event can be found in the Stockholm Geek Meet Flickr page.


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