The Pro’s Choice in Internetworld

I will be featured in the next issue of Internetworld In Swedish. There will be a two-page spread called The Pro’s Choice, where I list three web sites that I like and the reason for choosing them.

The interesting thing when I got the question was to choose three web sites that I like and that I feel I can really motivate. I mean, preaching about the things I do like web standards, semantics etc, naturally my choices should at least be a little in line with that.

Sounds ridiculous, but it would’ve been easier to diss a 1000 web sites than to promote three; a terrible and sad thought, really. Don’t know if it says more about me or the general state of the web.

Anyway, the three web sites I chose were:

I also love Google Calendar more and more for everyday I use it, so it should definitely be mentioned as a runner-up.

Do you also think it’s hard to pick good web sites? And which three would you choose?


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