An amazing turnout for Geek Meet Stockholm!

Last night we had Geek Meet in Stockholm, and we had an amazing turnout! Over 30 people showed up, and to tell you the truth, it was a blast! Many familiar faces but also a lot of new ones that seemed to enjoy themselves.

Emil did a presentation of the web standards-redesign of the KTH web site and I did a talk about the foundations of AJAX, and then introduced ASK and also talked about what the future might hold. It felt like both presentation went down well and the crowd were very understanding and genuinely interested in what we were talking about. You can watch or download the presentations here:

Pictures from last night, and previous Geek Meets, can be found in the Flickr Stockholm Geek Meet group. If you were there and took any pictures, please add them to the group!

One more thing to note is that we had two persons present who had traveled a fair distance to get there; one from Norrköping, about 160 kilometers away, and another all the way from Gothenburg, approximately 500 kilometers away. So, great fun that people are that interested and I hope they weren’t too disappointed when they left. Speaking of Gothenburg: it seems likely that we will have a local Geek Meet affiliation there, so please let me know if you’re interested in attending, and I will forward the necessary contact information to you.

I’d also like to express my gratitude to adocca, the people behind, for sponsoring us with a great place to be, pizza and beer.

What I like about Geek Meet is that it is free, and casual. No need to pay a lot of money for some over hyped conference, but instead getting the possibility of networking with local talents and learning from like-minded people. Trust me, the people dedicated to show up, in their free time, to something like this are likely the smartest and most talented locals you will meet!

It is also truly inspiring to see people finding out that there are a lot like them who are just as interested as they!

If you’re interested in organizing a Geek Meet in your city/country, just let me know, and we’ll get some basic affiliation things working.


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