Naked coding

I was thinking about whether to write this post or not, but here it is. I have a confession to make: I have coded naked. No, not at work or amongst other people, so don’t worry… 🙂

If you’re a web developer and accustomed to coding, you know that sometimes your mind is just twirling with what you’re working on. You might be in the middle of a problem, and your thoughts kind of go on autopilot, trying to solve your latest challenge.

For me, this becomes even more evident when I code something at home just before I go to bed. I might stumble upon some problem that I can’t solve and I, occasionally and for probably fairly sane reasons, choose to get some sleep instead of solving it. But when I lie in my bed, the mind starts to wander and sometimes I suddenly have a Eureka moment.

And then, I just have to run downstairs, naked, to the computer and test if my idea works. I just open the lid to my laptop and do a basic test of the solution I thought of works in practice. But as we all know, web developing is seldom black and white. It’s more like:

It works… I think. Sort of.

And I just sit there and continue to code, and after a couple of hours, I have a realization that it has gotten pretty cold. And there I am again: naked. In the kitchen. Coding. Then I either stop and go back to bed, or I get some clothes and carry on with my struggles…

Luckily, this hasn’t happen in some time now, but for anyone using ASK or AJAX-S, bear in mind that some of the core functionally was coded while I was naked… 🙂


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