37 Steps to Perfect Markup at SitePoint

Just before I started blogging I got to know Tommy Olsson, through his now resting blog Autistic Cuckoo. I was impressed with his technical expertise and inspired by his respectful comments and discussions with his readers, and it was something I set up as a goal and role model for my relations with the readers of my web site.

Unfortunately, Tommy doesn’t write anymore on his blog, but he has now made an interesting contribution to SitePoint about HTML.

Interesting to note is that here in Sweden, there’s a saying that people with first names ending in the letter “y” are destined to become unintelligent trouble-makers, and also in some cases criminals. Therefore, I’m happy see Tommy prove them wrong! πŸ™‚

In his article Bulletproof HTML: 37 Steps to Perfect Markup, he discusses HTML and best practices in a detailed manner. It is a well-recommended read that can fill in the gaps in your knowledge and/or help you promote proper and recommended HTML approaches to otherweb developers and friends.

If you have any questions about anything in the article, or find any eventual typos or errors, please write a comment and I will forward that information to Tommy.


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