Geek Meet January 2007

Time for Geek Meet again! The next Geek Meet will take place January 11th 18.00 at adocca entertainment here in Stockholm, located at Södermälarstrand 57B, floor 6 (map of the address).

And this time I thought we’d cater to everyones’ interests (well, as many as possible, at least), with a new addition to the concept.

Previously, the presentations and talks have only been targeted at web interface development, but from day one, people has been as interested in back-end discussions as in front-end ones. So, this time around (and for future ones, if it works well), there will be one front-end presentation and one back-end discussion!

Teddy Zetterlund will do a front-end presentation and Lars Rustemeier will do the back-end one. What they will talk about? I only have a slight idea, but from what we’ve discussed, I’m convinced it will definitely be interesting! 🙂

So, sign up now and I hope to see you in January!


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