Saddle up for the next Geek Meet, March 29th!

Yes, people, it’s time again: get ‘yer geek on! March 29th we will have yet another Geek Meet with nice people, beer for our throats and pizza for our overworked bodies!

As customary nowadays, we will have two presentations. Both will challenge and question general opinions about Flash and web standards, at least opinions that are common amongst most of my readers and Geek Meet participants. The speakers and presentations are:

Jim Carlberg of Pool
Jim will talk about the usage of Flash and when and how it is motivated to go down that road in “The Flash Revival”. Jim is very down to earth and his main goal is delivering the best end-user experience, no matter the tool.
Joachim Dagerot of Strand Interconnect
Joachim is a lovely character, and someone who some people might remember from the very first Geek Meet. He likes to question standards of all sorts when they don’t benefit us, and he has a very pragmatic view on web developing and making things actually work.

Oh, and as a surprise shocker: this Geek Meet will be held in Swedish, and therefore I look forward to you discussing things till your tongues bleed (or something…)!

Location and time

The Geek Meet will take place March 29th 18.00 at adocca entertainment here in Stockholm, located at Södermälarstrand 57B, floor 6 (map of the address).


See you there! Bring all your friends now! 🙂


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