Geek Meet May 2007 – HTML 5 and XHTML

Time for the last Geek Meet before the summer, and it will most likely be an intense one. 🙂

There will be two presentations about a topic that everyone seems to love to discuss: HTML or XHTML. There are a lot of opinions, and misconceptions, about these and my hope is that two very talented persons will shed some light on it.

The presentations

Simon Pieters (aka zcorpan)
Simon will talk about HTML 5, and how to practically use it. If you want to do your homework before the presentation, he recommends The Future of HTML by Lachlan Hunt (hey, why ain’t I under Cool Blogs? 😉 ) and WHATWG and HTML 5 FAQ.
Åke Järvklo In Swedish
Ã…ke will cover some history behind XHTML and the transition period, and he has a vast experience with XHTML.

My hope is that it will give you a balanced view and I’m fairly convinced that we can definitely learn something from this and have a great discussion. Also, please note that this meeting will be held in Swedish.

Location and time

The meeting will be held May 23rd and start at 18:00, and this time we will be at a new location. Valtech are sponsoring this evening and they are located here.

Beer and some kind of food will be provided, so all you need to bring is a happy attitude and will to learn and discuss. See you there!


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