Lost – the season finale for season three

Warning! ***SPOILER***

If you haven’t seen the entire third season of Lost, do not continue reading because there will be spoilers.

You still here? Sure you want to read? Ok, then.

As you might be aware of, I’m a huge Lost fan and follow the show dedicatedly. I liked the show from get-go, and while others have gotten disappointed in not explanation, I thrive in all the mysteries. Yesterday I was blown away when watching the season finale of the third season, and I thought I’d share and discuss some things with you.

The season finale

My general impression during watching it, was that it was a bit too much “regular” action and not enough mysteries/explanation of mysteries happening. However, after the the double-episode had ended, I was more than content! In my opinion, some major things happened, so let’s list them:

  • Charlie dies.
  • Locke survives.
  • Walt makes a reappearance.
  • Lots of other people die.
  • Jack and Juliet kiss.
  • The flash-forward

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I guess Charlie’s death was inevitable, the way they had served it up with Desmond’s premonitions, but it’s still a sad loss. However, the time they gave him with the Greatest Hits episode and how artistically well his demise was depicted was really good. I’ve read that the producers kind of felt that the character didn’t have that much more to give, too, and I guess that’s true in some sense. However, I think that it’s too sad when it comes to the relationship with Claire and the baby

That Locke survived wasn’t a shocker, since he is definitely a vital part of the series. Love the character, love the actor. Walt’s comeback was good, and I expect Michael to also make some kind of appearance in season 4.

Lots of death in the episode, with a number of the Others (especially Tom), Naomi and Mikhail getting killed. Mikhail came back from one previous “death”, though, so one never knows. Jack and Juliet kissing was probably just a matter of time, but I wonder where it will lead. Will it be Sawyer and Kate, and Jack and Juliet (probably not the latter, given the flash-forward and Jack’s state)?

The best part – flash-forward

The most genius part of the finale is the ending, where it’s revealed that all the scenes with Jack aren’t a flash-back, but instead a flash-forward! The ending scene where Jack and Kate meet at the airport and Jack thinks they made a mistake, that they never should’ve left the island at all, is fantastic! Either it really was a glimpse from the future, or, as suggested in many forums, it was only a what if-scenario on display, if they were all to be rescued by the ship Naomi came with.

Personally, I think can be at least one of the alternative futures for them, given that certain things would happen and that certain decisions were to be made. It feels somewhat sad in a weird kind of way that they will actually leave the island and its secrets that we all have got so attached to, but at the same time it feels comforting with a future where they actually make it.

Questions and suggested answers

Was it really a flash-forward? Jack mentioned his father twice, as if he were alive.

His father was never seen, so it’s pretty easy to write off one of them as just desperately trying to get drugs, and the other as Jack just being drunk. Or it was all intentional, and Jack’s father is indeed alive again!

It has also been suggested that all the time on the island is actually the flash-back, and that the part with a bearded Jack is now, real time. Mind-blowing!

Who was the guy in the coffin?

It is suggested that it is a he, so I initially thought it would be Ben or Locke. But, Locke most likely stayed put on the island, and if Ben was forced to leave it, Jack shouldn’t be surprised that no-one else showed up. Which, in turn, suggests that more people who knew the person should be back from the island, not just him and Kate.

So, who could it be that Jack wasn’t a friend with nor family to? Sayid? Hurley? Sawyer? Juliet?!

Who was Kate going back to?

I’d say Sawyer. Why not?

Were they rescued at the end?

Impossible to tell, but it seems like one likely scenario, given the flash-forward. The other option is that they stay, join the Others and fight the newcomers.

Are Ben and the Others actually the good guys compared to the alternative?

Most likely, I hope that their drive and ambition is something good, in the name of the island. It also gives the story potential to evolve a lot more in the upcoming seasons.

Did Charlie really die?

I can’t imagine anything else. I guess he’ll be back to do flashbacks and such, but he’s not one of the survivors anymore.

How come Penny’s transmission reached Charlie?

I’ve read many people wondering and trying to make a connection between the buttons Charlie pressed and Penny showing up on the screen. To me, it’s pretty basic: Charlie turned off the jammer, and a signal (Penny’s) which had tried for some time finally got through. Easy as that.

Who is Jacob?

I have no idea, but I loved the episode and the part with him. I also really like the suggestion that he’s the soul of the island, or something to that like.

The future of Lost, and next season

Believe it or not, but next season actually isn’t scheduled to start until February 2008! I mean, come on! That’s eight frickin’ months away!

It is announced that there are three seasons left, and that they will each consist of 16 episodes. Each season will be broadcast between February till May each respective year. To me, the time lapse will really damage the series, with a three-month long season, and nine months wait in between them.

Where to go from here

The Internet is filled to the brim with people writing about Lost, so just do a search on Google and you will end up with more than you can chew. I’d still like to recommend two places, though, which are great sources of information and good points to start scouring for Lost theories, information and conspiracies:

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  • Fredrik Norlin says:

    I heard a rumor that Bobby Ewing is coming back next season πŸ˜‰

  • AndrÃ&A says:

    Charlie didn't just die. He met death face-to-face with a smile. On top of all that bravery, he even managed to warn Desmond that it wasn't Polly's boat. What can I say, the character got a suiting goodbye.

    Loved the 5 high points he handed to Desmond, too bad the paper got soaked when he dived.

    Also, when James (sawyer, should we still call him that? haha) shot Tom and said it was for taking the kid in the boat I jumped in joy! Seemed like everyone had forgotten all the bad things those guys have done to them.

    To me, the last half of this season was very well written, much better than season 2 (it was still pretty good, just not as good) and half of the 3rd. The ending was… fitting. Excelent.

    As for the rescue thing… My view is that they weren't saved. More like, something happened. I'm with Ben. He was indeed telling the truth and the people on the boat aren't there for good reasons. I'm guessing some sort of kidnapping/coercion takes place and they are forced to leave the island. Jack, Kate, …? But most of them are left behind. That's why Jack is saying they have to find a way to go back. To save the rest or to go back to their lives in the island. I don't see Lock ever leaving the island, though. Not ever.

    I do agree with you. February? Are they crazy? And for 16 episodes only? Do they want to leave time for other side projects? There are a lot of actors/actresses in the bill… filming this show still takes a big portion of their time, i guess.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward for the rest of the journey, with tons of excitment for season 4. Whenever it starts. πŸ™‚

  • Pat says:

    How can you stand to wait 8 months! Oh my gosh I'd be going crazy. Lucky for me I don't watch that show.. I'm drawn to Smallville! πŸ˜€

  • Lei says:

    I think Naomi maybe one of the mysterious Dharma.

    This time Ben tells something right, they should not call Naomi's ship.

    I wonder whether this series will end before 2010……

  • bza says:

    I too think Dharma is connected to Naomis ship. I found this season rather disappointing compared to the other. Too much time-streching to avoid moving forward. Let's hope the next season will be more on-the-point.

  • Robert Nyman says:

    Thanks for your comment! πŸ™‚


    Ha ha, most likely!


    Wow, thanks for a long comment! I generally agree with every thing you mentioned!


    Ah, Smallville is ok, but it's no Lost. πŸ™‚


    Interesting thoughts! Naomi might be Dharma, Ben is likely right and yes, I also wonder how long the show will make it.

    With the new schedule I'm pretty afraid it will hurt the popularity and life-length of the series.


    I can somewhat relate to your frustration. At times, it didn't go forward at all, but I believe the finale made it leap forward!

  • Aldrik says:

    Previously on Lost: Jack "We have to go back Kate. We have to go back!". Then Desmond dose one of those I just saw the future faces. πŸ˜‰

    That's how I see it going (bound to be wrong tho). One thing you seemed to have over looked Robert is that the "flash-forward" is not in order (sine of a Desmond premonition). Jack tells the head doc guy that his phone is broken (when he says that he left him three voice mails), but then at the end he uses it to phone Kate.

  • Robert Nyman says:


    Very interesting! It might indeed be a Desmond premonition.

    However, I interpreted Jack's cell phone being broken as just a lie (because he had been hung up on drugs, drunk or something). Or, he plainly just got it fixed. πŸ™‚

  • Aldrik says:

    I've seen the ending again and I think you right. I forgot that he showed Kate the peace of new paper. I was thinking that they where talking about a different funeral and that the coffin was Kates (would explane why no family showed). Also noteiced that he had that plaster on his forhead that he got after he was on the bridge (thought he was thinking about suicide because of Kate dieing). So I'm back to having no ideal lol.

    PS. Can u tell I recently watched all three seasons back to back? I could never get into it on TV haven missed the start. πŸ™‚

  • Robert Nyman says:


    Nah, I think most people, at least when they started following Lost, watched a number of episodes at a time. There's a tendency to get spellbound, as soon as you start… πŸ™‚

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  • pizzakim37 says:

    wow feb. 2008……. 8 months…. id be a year older before seeing the upcoming seasons…. sigh*

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