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Sometimes I get the question why I never write about web development in Swedish. The reason is simple, and it’s because I want to reach a wider audience, besides the fact that I actually find it easier since all the terminology is in English to begin with.

However, for those who want to read my opinions in Swedish, Lena at has interviewed me about the future of web development in Intervju med Robert Nyman på Robert’s Talk In Swedish.


  • Good stuff. Bookmarked this site. And you promote DOM 😉

  • Robert Nyman says:


    Thanks! I hope at least it made some sense. 🙂

  • Tommy Olsson says:

    Interesting interview. I'm surprised that she seems to believe that XHTML 2 will ever become viable, though. On the whole, she's very much into the whole XHTML myth.

    I agree with you about the gender aspect on design. I don't think designers create different designs depending on whether they're male or female. It's probably got more to do with each individual's education, personality, taste and their interests in life.

  • Robert Nyman says:


    Thanks! Well, I mean, XHTML 2 might very well be the next thing, but I did want to point out that currently , as well as and in the future, XHTML isn't the only thing, and it's very seldom more appropriate to use than HTML.

  • Lena says:

    Hi Tommy, i will respond you here. At first I wanted Robert to make an article about web developing but since he got so much to instead we decided to make an interview. 90% of my visitors are female and they used to ask me about html, xhtml and what's up on the net. HTML 5 and XHTML 2 are two frequently issues. So to satisfy them i had to cover up all questions i one interview to spread the issues. This article is therefore done in a general way, not so much for own satisfaction or reflects my own opinion.

    I'm aware about the xhtml myth, but i'm not stuck in it – that's a difference. XHTML isn't the salvation for validation. However, most of my friends was stucked in iframes, tables with tagsoups and so on, and i felt sad because i know the importance to separate the structure from presentation, irrespective of your use.

    Most of all, my visitors are not developers, but they are interested and have a strong will to read and learn more. My interview is designed from that point of view.


  • Tommy Olsson says:

    @Lena: I'm sorry if my remark was offensive in any way. I just felt that the whole interview was very much about XHTML, which is of no use whatsoever for 99.999% of us. 🙂

    I also noted that the site that's hosting the interview uses an XHTML doctype declaration but serves the pages as <code>text/html</code> – even to user agents that declare support for XHTML.

  • Lena says:

    Hi Tommy, you were quite right, i forgot to change mime-type after i re-designed my layout – shame of me 😉

    Tnx for the reminder

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