Sweden’s best developers

Swedish magazine Computer Sweden has appointed who they think are the 75 best developers in Sweden In Swedish, and I was ranked number 19.

Taking a closer look, I’m the highest ranked Interface Developer in the list, which must mean I’m the best in the entire of Sweden! Not really sure that that’s true, but I do appreciate getting recognition for my dedication to creating good web interfaces. 🙂

Glancing through the list, though, there are very few names I recognize (I can count them on one hand), and my guess is that the only ones you know about are Roger Johansson (place 28) and Tommy Olsson (place 46). Remembering how much they inspired and helped me out when I first started blogging, and knowing of their extensive skill sets, I know they should definitely have been above me on the list. Oh well, at least I honor you guys! 🙂

What does surprise me, though, is that we are the only three Interface Developers on it, with me starting at place 19. Given all the advanced web sites out there, the AJAX hype, accessibility, elastic web sites etc, shouldn’t there be more of us? And perhaps higher ranked than, say, a developer support person at Microsoft?

Which brings me to another point: the list goes from 1 to 75, but in reality, it’s virtually impossible to compare completely different competences; Microsoft to Java, Ruby to Web Interface Development etc. The above mentioned developer support technician at Microsoft might just turn out to be a superstar, but it’s still impossible to value our skill sets against each others.

I proposed to the journalist putting together the article that instead of having ranks, the best developers should be grouped by their knowledge and area of expertise; an idea he agreed about, but higher forces at the magazine apparently wanted more of a gossip magazine list…

What it comes down to at the end, I presume, is networking. Getting seen in the right contexts and making friends with a lot of people. And hell, getting a good grade for that isn’t too shabby either!

Anyway, I first got the call about the list April 1st, so in my mind, I’m just happy that it at least turned out to be true! 🙂

From now on, I shall be known as “19”.


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