Geek Meet December 2008 – Chris Heilmann presentations

Time for a new Geek Meet, and this time we will have an extra treat for you! Christian Heilmann, Web Architect/Standards Evangelist at Yahoo UK (Chris’ blog, Chris’ Web Development Articles) will be flown in from the UK to Stockholm (courtesy of Creuna) to do two intriguing web development talks!

The presentations

Shifting your site into the next gear
In this session Chris is showing how you can speed up your web sites, what issues to avoid, what of the information out there is really applicable to you and what little things you can change to get a great impact. As examples we’ll cover lazy loading and progressive enhancement that delivers faster and makes end users happy.
Playing with the web
In this session Chris is going to show tools and ideas that allow you to quickly prototype changes in web sites, get to information that is not offered publicly and re-hash that information into something useful. As examples we’ll be looking at creating a currency converter, translating and detecting language and show how we can change and distribute the change of a web site without touching the server.

Location and sponsorship

This Geek Meet will take place at our kind sponsors Creuna December 4th 18.00, at Kungsholmsgatan 23 (a map to the location).

Beers, other assorted drinks and about as much pizza as you can eat will be offered to the attendants. 🙂

Sign up now – limited seating!

Due to a very high interest in this talk, there will be a limited seating of 70 slots. The first 70 who sign up through a comment below will get them. You can only sign-up yourself, i.e. no comments like: “Me and my 10 friends might drop in”. Signing up is binding.

Live broadcast

For those not being able to attend, this event will also be broadcasted live through the Internet starting at December 4th 18.30 CET at The first session is estimated to start at 18.30 CET, and the second at 21.00 CET.

Sign up now!

Updated October 17th

Our more than gracious sponsor Creuna has now arranged for a staggering 150 seats In Swedish!

All 150 seats are gone! Sorry!


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