Becoming an MVB for DZone

Recently I was approached by DZone, where they asked if I wanted to become one of their MVBs.

MVB, you might say: what’s that? While I liked MÃ¥ns’ suggestion, it’s not really hitting the head on the nail… 🙂

MVB stands for Most Valuable Blogger, and generally, what it means in practice is that a select number of my articles per month will also be cross-posted at DZone. My experience with DZone has been that they’re nice people who care about delivering quality content, so naturally I was honored to get the question.

From my point of view, it’s about reaching out to more people than my regular readers or people who find this web site through Google, spreading the word to more web developers. At the same time, naturally, DZone appreciate getting versatile and interesting content.

So, if you see any article by me at DZone, don’t worry: it’s not a rip-off, just me trying to conquer the world! 🙂


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