Contribute to the Stockholm Sweden Twestival charity event

There are times when people try to do the right thing and contribute, and in my book, Stockholm Sweden Twestival 2009 is something which looks just about right.

It is a local representation of the larger Twestival charity event, aimed at raising money to the very important charity: water organization. It’s a worldwide event taking place February 12th 2009 in over 100 cities, bringing together communities to raise awareness and money.

Sponsors needed

The Stockholm Sweden Twestival 2009 branch have some sponsors, but need more to make this into the event it deserves to be! Therefore, any sponsor will get (except for doing a good thing, of course) the opportunity to be connected with a good charity and publicity with Twestival through their web site, Facebook group and Twitter account.

If you are interested in contributing, please send an e-mail to raiha [at] tweetmeetup [dot] com or write a comment below, and I will forward the information to them.


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