D-A-D at Klubben, Stockholm April 4th 2009 – concert review

April 4th I had the fantastic pleasure of seeing D-A-D playing at Klubben in Stockholm!


The initial idea was that I and my girlfriend were to go and see them and have a night out. Unfortunately, our youngest child got sick, and we discussed back and forth what to do. She has liked D-A-D for quite some time, so I really wanted to go – in the end, though, she wanted to stay at home with our daughter, so me and my brother Martin went together instead (God knows how many concerts he and I have been together).

The week or so before the event night, I had been swamped, been abroad and other things, so I was really worked out, and honestly, I just wanted to stay at home, and sit in the couch watching TV…

At Klubben

The concert was sold out since long, and the place was packed with people when we got there. Klubben is a great rock arena: black walls, small and very intimate. We walked into the venue and the support act Ammotrack were playing. We saw a part of their set, and overall they seemed pretty good – at least a lot better than most opening bands I’m used to seeing.

When they were done, the ambience in Klubben was great. Everyone was happy and excited about seeing D-A-D very soon. The best way to describe it is like a “Danish-happy-mode”. If you’ve met Happy Danes, you know exactly what I mean – if not, try and get that experience. πŸ™‚


After some waiting, which seemed to take ages, D-A-D finally entered the stage and the crowd went wild!

A picture of the concert start

During the first few songs, the audience seemed very happy and content, but not really crazy. However, a bit in the concert things really started to heat up, and eventually everyone was ecstatic! I should confess that I haven’t really listened much to D-A-D, don’t really know why, to be honest, and I’ve only seen them live once before.

As the night progressed, though, the fantastic performance by the band and how everyone in the band as well as the crowd were so into every song, it was extremely contagious! Me being tired was completely forgotten, and I was partaking in the fun as much as I could!

A picture of Jesper Binzer and Laust Sonne

And, one thing that really impresses me with the band is how versatile they are in their songs and their playing style, and I’m a big fan of their lead guitarist Jacob Binzer (who’s the brother of lead vocals and guitar man Jesper Binzer). Especially some of his solos are awesome!

A picture of Jacob Binzer

To complement that, their bass player Stig Pedersen seems to have an abundance of self-distance, and I love it that he has decided to have only strings on his bass when he’s playing. Yes, for real! Stig also has hilarious bass designs, and if you liked Gene Simmon’s axe base, it’s nothing compared to Stig’s creations. Overall, I think he used at least four different basses during the evening.

A picture of Stig and his basses

Lead man Jesper switched between speaking Swedish and Danish to the audience, and the result was some very funny conversations:

– Stockholm!
– [incomprehensible Danish]
– ???? (everyone but the Danes in the audience)
– [more incomprehensible Danish]
– ????????
– Stockholm?
– [incomprehensible Danish]
– ????
and so on… πŸ™‚

D-A-D played a very intense two hour-set, with coming back to the stage twice for extras, and I was genuinely amazed by the tempo they held and number of songs they played.
Unfortunately I don’t have any set list, since I don’t know most of the songs, but if anyone do, please let me know!


All the photos I could find from the concert, as well as from where the ones above are taken from, are available in the D-A-D web site photos section. Worth noting: it makes me very happy to see the band encourage fans to take their own pictures during the show and then publish them in the official band web page – very coll, and they way it should be.


A thing which was a let-down is that D-A-D performed a truly great concert, one of the best in quite some time for me, but there was no mention in the media whatsoever, no concert reviews. Beats me why, since this should get media coverage, D-A-D deserves the attention.

Anyway, if you are about to see D-A-D, you’re in for a real treat, and I’m utterly convinced you will have a great time! πŸ™‚


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