Speaking at SWDC 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden

June 2-3 third this year a number of high-profile speakers are coming to Stockholm, Sweden, to talk at the SWDC 2010 conference, organized by Peter Svensson (who also organizes the GTUG events in Stockholm).

The list of speakers is impressive:

It makes me very happy to have so many friends come here to my home grounds, people I have gotten to know on the web and from meeting at other conferences. So, kudos to Peter for making them visit us! 🙂
Alongside them, I will give a talk: An Introduction to HTML5, a talk I love giving and look forward to delivering at SWDC 2010.

Tickets available

There are still tickets available, so if this sounds interesting, or if you’re considering visiting the lovely Stockholm in summer, I recommend getting your seat now!

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