Tip: follow @robertnyman on Twitter!

I’d like to take a little time to give you a tip about how to stay on top of what I do/write.

Thing is, especially at the moment, I can’t always manage to squeeze in the time I want for blogging and writing more extensively about things I want to share or discuss. However, I almost constantly tweet as @robertnyman (and write on Facebook) where I bring up small tidbits of information or discuss coding topics.

Seeing that I have about 10 000 people subscribing to my RSS feed (Yay! Thanks!) and only 1300 followers on Twitter, I can’t help but think that those of you who use Twitter could get more information/feedback by following me there too.

I love you for reading my blog, and if you want to follow me in other channels as well, great! If not, you are still awesome! πŸ™‚


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