I have something I feel I need to tell you. It’s personal, so don’t read if you don’t want to hear about things like that.

Currently after ten years together I’m going through a separation with Fredrika, and we don’t live together anymore. As you can imagine, this is painful and I’m in a pretty dark place right now.

What hurts me the most is that our daughters have to go through this. They mean the world, and more, to me and I hate that they need to handle this situation, and also that I can’t be around them all the time any longer (Fredrika and I will have them 50% of the time each).
The reason I’m writing it here is that I meet a lot of people, and I felt the need to explain to people both why I might seem sad and also to avoid questions about the family and need to tell the story to everyone.

Please don’t ask/comment this in any public forum such as my blog, Twitter or Facebook. If you want to ask or say something to me, e-mail me at robert [at] robertnyman [dot] com

Thanks for reading and for being there.