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The End of the Star Wars Saga

The year was 1983. I was 9 years old. I used to visit my paternal grandmother who lived in the city, and every time I came by she would take me to the movies, which was wonderful! It was the time when I learned to love both movies and cinemas.
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On #MeToo

I’ve been following the stories on #MeToo, listening and talking to a lot of people, and have been trying to gather my thoughts.

First, no one should ever have to feel unsafe. Ever. I’m so saddened to hear all the stories and testimonies, women being treated unfairly, as less worthy or as just being there for men’s entertainment. Why I’m so grateful about #MeToo – despite all the terrible stories – is that it has finally gotten to a point where everyone is listening. Where women feel brave, empowered and supported enough to share what has happen, to dare to say no.

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The day Santa died

Today, just as we prepare for an Easter break, I heard my youngest daughter arguing with her older sister, and then the younger came running to me.

Dad, does the Easter Bunny and Santa exist?

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Eric, I am so very sorry

I’ve known about it some time, and Eric has been writing and sharing what has been happening along the way. I’ve been wanting to say things, have felt so sad for him and his entire family, have wanted to find a way to just make it go away.

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The Letter

Packing to move very soon. Tucked away in a cupboard I had saved an old jacket, for nostalgic purposes. I took it out, folded it to put it away, when I felt that there was some kind of paper in the pocket.

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Why I travel

After I week in India I’ve been reminded why I travel around, meet people and give presentations. I see this amazing opportunity as a blessing, a unique chance to go out there and try to share and help people.

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The value of a Facebook Like

In the world of social media, and with self-proclaimed experts on it popping up everywhere (some actually full of experience, some full of… something), it’s interesting to see how people act and how they value a Facebook Like.

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Mobile vs. Social

This article is also available in Czech, Ukrainian and German.

Reading the heading, you’re probably thinking: “It’s a typo, it should be ‘Mobile and Social'”. But no. What I wanted to talk about is the behavior, the phenomenon, if you will, of the complete dependency people seem to have developed for their mobile phones, and how it affects their social behavior.

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Life, and how we choose to live it

I sat there looking down on my hands. One day they would be as veiny and skinny as the hands on the old men sitting in the row in front of me. Over time, they will decay, hopefully with still some sense of proudness left in their owner.

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I have a drinking problem

Since I lead a life with attending a lot of events and conferences, there’s something that has been on my mind for some time. But when you just think and don’t blog about it, you can be sure someone else will cover the topic before you, and in this case Ryan Funduk did so in Our Culture of Exclusion.

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Social media campaigns and a critical view

This post is co-written with Cecilia von Schedvin.

This morning, we were talking about the KONY 2012 movement, various reaction around it and how easy we share things without even looking at it. How our gut reaction is to act without even knowing what we’re acting on or reflect on what it means.

(If you want to delve deeper into the KONY 2012 topic, you can, for instance, read Kony 2012: what’s the real story?).

What we want to cover here is the greater scheme of things, social media and how people react.

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Summing up 2011

The end of a year. There’s so much to say and look back on, and at the same time I am already certain that I will temporarily forgot some of the amazing things that happened to me this year. For it was indeed a fantastic year!

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A different take on Star Wars

If you’ve ever seen any of my presentations lately, I’ve been using these lovely Star Wars-inspired pictures to emphasize a point or just for plainly visually improving my slides. Today I’d like to tell you a little more about the pictures and the person behind them.

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Introducing Robert’s read: great links and suggestions from latest week, August 17th 2011

I’ve always been interested in reading all kinds of inspirational articles, blog posts and just fun things on the Internet, and most of the time I just tweet about it. But now, both for my sake and yours, I will write a weekly blog post listing the links for the latest week.

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I have something I feel I need to tell you. It’s personal, so don’t read if you don’t want to hear about things like that.

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Lost – The End

The TV Show Lost has aired its last episode ever. Sad times for me, and I thought I’d talk a little about what it has meant to me. WARNING! Below I will mention things you don’t want to know if you haven’t seen all episodes yet.

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