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Releasing Inline Code Finder as a Google Chrome extension

I put a lot of time into ensuring web interface code quality, both for code in projects I work in and in doing code audits for other web sites. One of the best ways to find undesired inline styles, inline JavaScript events and javascript: links, I believe, is my Inline Code Finder extension and now it’s available for Google Chrome as well!

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Firefox 3.5 is released – information about having multiple Firefox versions and web developer extension compatibility

Firefox 3.5 was released yesterday, and it has already reached 5 and a half million of downloads (at the time of writing). Therefore, I thought I’d answer some common questions, especially from a web developer perspective about the new version and which web developer extensions which will work with it.

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How to develop a Firefox extension

Admit that you have always wanted to know how to develop a Firefox extension but never had the time to learn. πŸ™‚ Here I will walk you through and at the end of the article we will have created a fully functional Firefox extension!

This article/topic is also available as a presentation on SlideShare.

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Flickr Gallery Plus! – better photo set viewing with Firefox extension and Greasemonkey userscript

Most of you probably know about photo sharing at Flickr, and share and/or view your friends’ and families’ photos there. In my humble opinion, though, their set/gallery view could offer a better experience, and therefore I’ve set out to improve it with Flickr Gallery Plus!

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Inline Code Finder Firefox extension – find inline JavaScript events, inline styling and javascript:links

When I first coded and released Obtrusive JavaScript Checker, I had some more ideas with it, as well as some great feedback I have received and wanted to see to. The result is Inline Code Finder, which looks for inline styling as well as what the Obtrusive JavaScript Checker offered, and it comes in two versions!

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