Speaking at Mozilla Add-Ons Workshop (MAOW) in Berlin March 29th 2009

About a couple of weeks ago, I was approached by a Mozilla employee suggesting I talk at one of their events.

After some discussions, checking availability and such, it led to the fantastic news that I will be speaking at Mozilla Add-Ons Workshop (MAOW) in Berlin March 29th 2009! My presentation is entitled How to write your first extension and will introduce people to starting developing a Firefox extension, and I will walk them through to a working one before the end.

Naturally, I’m scared shitless, since I really want to do a good presentation and haven’t done something similar to this before, but at the same time I’m super-excited about the opportunity and the challenge!

Therefore, wish me luck, and if you’re in Berlin March 29th, I suggest you attend the event (free entrance!). Not necessarily to see me, but since I think there will be a number of really interesting talks.


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