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Douglas Crockford speaking at Geek Meet September 2014

Sold out

All seats have been taken. Please write a comment to be put on a waiting list, there are always a number of cancellations, so there’s still a chance.

Douglas and I have talked about him speaking at Geek Meet a few times when we’re ran into each other at different conferences in the world, and we’ve said that if he’s nearby Sweden, we just make it happen. Now is that time!

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HTML5 Forms input types, attributes and new elements – demos, tips and tricks

Forms on the web. They are literally everywhere, and there seem to really be all kind of flavors for them. From day one they have been a great mean for users to input data and information and interact with various services. And what comes with that is every implementation under the sun to offer validation for them, custom display and functionality if they aren’t native in that specific web browser, and much much more. Therefore, during the development phase of HTML5, one of the important things that have been looked into is making forms on the web evolve into what both end users and developers need to make things easier. Why would every web developer have to invent the wheel again or include tons of JavaScript code just to make something very basic like a datepicker work?

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HTML5 History API and improving end user experience

When the AJAX wave came in 2005 when Jesse James Garrett coined the term and then everyone wanted it, one of the major shortcomings was that dynamic updates of only portions of a web page lead to inconsistent history handling and back/forward navigation button problems in web browsers and poor end user experiences. Enter the HTML5 History API.

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Tools for concatenating and minifying CSS and JavaScript files in different development environments

To follow up on the topic of cutting down the number of HTTP requests that I mentioned in my posts How to improve your web site performance – tips & tricks to get a good YSlow rating and How to reduce the number of HTTP requests, I wanted to put together a good list of tools and approaches to concatenate and minify CSS and JavaScript files in different developing environments.

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Firefox 3.5 is released – information about having multiple Firefox versions and web developer extension compatibility

Firefox 3.5 was released yesterday, and it has already reached 5 and a half million of downloads (at the time of writing). Therefore, I thought I’d answer some common questions, especially from a web developer perspective about the new version and which web developer extensions which will work with it.

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