This just in: Speaking at November 7th-8th 2009!

I’m very happy to say that I will speak at at, and participate in, in Berlin this upcoming weekend!

I heard/read about the conference when it was in its planning stage, but since I was already scheduled to speak at Øredev this week and had some other things to attend to, I early on discarded the idea of attending

However, as things got closer, I realized I could actually be a part of it, and given the impact of the event and all the interesting talks, I felt I would really like to talk there as well!

In May this year at the Scandinavian Web Developer Conference 2009, I as well as Jan Lehnardt and Malte Ubl gave presentations, and interestingly enough, together with Holger Blank, they are organizing 🙂

So, I got on touch with them over the weekend and spoke with Malte, and basically got to hear that they would love to have me do a talk, but that the budget wouldn’t cover my expenses – which is fair enough, my proposal was “drastically late”, as Malte called it :-), and the 2009 conference schedule had already been organized. So, I spoke to my employer, Valtech In Swedish, who graciously immediately offered to sponsor me! 🙂

Therefore, I can happily announce that I will, alongside the fantastic list of speakers, do a talk at I’ll be covering some brief JavaScript history, common best practices and then more advanced things like scope and closures. Slightly worried that my talk might be too basic, but at the same time, I hope to fill in some blanks and repeat important information that everyone should know, and hopefully inspire people to delve into the fantastic workings of JavaScript. 🙂

Will you be there?


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