Geek Meet Charity June 4th 2009 was a success!

Yesterday we had Geek Meet Charity in Stockholm, and in my opinion, it was a great success!

I just wanted to give my sincerest thanks to everyone making Geek Meet last the great event it was!
We managed to raise a total of 17 490 SEK to charity, which I believe is a fantastic thing!

Also, thanks to Isac and everyone at Creuna for putting together such a good event where the arrangements and everything around it go extremely smooth.

An extra thank you to Remy and Chris for taking the time to contribute to such a good thing! The slides are available for download now.

Extra contributions

There were a few extra contributions last night:

The company Nansen were kind enough to give a donation of 3 000 SEK!

Personal contributions were:


If you want to read about what people thought about the event on Twitter, or look at the pictures, go ahead!

There is also a video available to watch of the entire event!

If you want to partake, just make sure to tag your content with #geekmeetsthlm.


See you next time!


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