Robert’s read: links and suggestions, September 30th 2011

First idea was to publish these posts on a regular schedule, but I’ve realized now it will be when I have enough good links (and time :-). Tons of links now, so, here goes – another issue of Robert’s read!

Tip: remember, you can always find all my reading suggestions in the Robert’s read category

Robert’s read for September 30th 2011

Here are the links from the latest two weeks:


  • njn says:

    You have so many links each week I don’t bother looking at them. If you just had a few I’d probably pay more attention!

  • Robert Nyman says:


    Thanks for the feedback. However, for me at least, having 20-30 links is a good overview of very different kinds of topics, where I hope there will be something to appeal to everyone.

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