HTML5 and CSS3 tests and compatibility tables, updated

I wrote about it on Twitter last week (follow me on Twitter!), but naturally I should mention it here too, my dear readers. With new input from testing Internet Explorer 9 and from the Opera team, I have updated my HTML5 tests and compatibility tables and CSS3 tests and compatibility tables.

The test and compatibility pages consist of a couple of things I find important:

  • Web browser version number from where support has been implemented for that feature (and is actually working).
  • Live examples running in your web browser, so you can see if it works, and the expected results.
  • The code shown below the example with color-coding, so you don’t have to do the View Source-dance for each page.

So, please make good use of them, and let me know if there is any information you believe to be incorrect.

Now, go try it out:


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