My presentation at London Ajax Mobile Event

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking at the London Ajax Mobile Event in, surprisingly, London.

I really enjoyed being both in London – always liked the city and the UK people – but also speaking at an event with more mobile focus and learning both about mobile developer’s needs and thoughts. My presentation was about possibilities that HTML5 and CSS3 are giving us, especially with all the devices we have out there, and I believe it’s about empowering developers in all the tasks they need to day to day.

One thing I also learned is that you never know the knowledge and background of your audience, so never take anything for granted and skip it. Talking about CSS3 and mobile, naturally I had to cover CSS Media Queries, but was afraid I would bore them with something they already knew. However, as it turns out, afterwards at the dinner/party the people spoke to me most about happy to be learning was just that and the options they offer.

Here are my slides:

Also available for download at Slideshare.

Thanks for everyone coming, making it a great event! Now I’m off to enjoy London and meet as many of my friends here as possible before I go back home tomorrow again.

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