Mozilla/Maemo Danish Weekend May 30th-31st – addition to my two weeks of speak

End of May/beginning of June will be very busy for me indeed. There will be a number of speaking engagements for me, and I’d like you to know about another one: Mozilla/Maemo Danish Weekend.

It is a joint event between Maemo and Mozilla, and it will take place May 30th – 31st in Copenhagen, Denmark. If you’re interested or already involved of some sorts, there will be a number of interesting talks and information about Fennec (Firefox on mobile platforms) and Maemo 5.

There will be a number of Mozilla talks, where the latest information is available in the schedule. I will do a talk about developing Firefox extensions, and hope to give a good introduction and vital basic information to succeed with that.

If you are in or near Copenhagen that weekend, and this sounds interesting, make sure to register now!

Other spring speaking

Together with this lovely event, I will have a total of four speaking performances in 10 days. Quite a mental challenge to get prepared. πŸ™‚

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