Lost – The End

The TV Show Lost has aired its last episode ever. Sad times for me, and I thought I’d talk a little about what it has meant to me. WARNING! Below I will mention things you don’t want to know if you haven’t seen all episodes yet.

How it all started

To be honest, I hadn’t heard anything about Lost before it first aired back in 2004. What happened was, we had a few people over for dinner and one of them mentioned that she had seen this new show on TV and that it seemed pretty exciting. She then dropped some happenings from the first episode, and that was enough to trigger my interest.

I made sure to get ahold of the first episode, Fredrika and I watched it together, and we were sold.

The personal connection

My oldest daughter was only a few months old when the above took place in 2004, and knowing that I have watched Lost with her simultaneously growing up to be this wonderful little girl makes it so much more personal for me. My own horizons broadened at the same time she has grown up into a little person.

How Lost affected the world

From so many perspectives, Lost was truly revolutionary. Its topics, twists and turns, good vs. evil implications and constant balance between mysteries, scientific interests and belief in some greater power unbeknownst to mankind. Instead of flash-backs, it had flash-forwards and flash-sideways, into different existences.

I think why I loved it so much is that it appealed to all those sides of me; being into mysteries and desperately wanting to understand, while at the same time I find it very interesting with the notion of something larger than life going on, something beyond what our imaginations can ever fathom.

How it ended

The way it ended, that everyone dies, revealing that the life on the island was real and the flash-sideways was some sort of what-could-have-been existence paired with each character’s chance to do good, deal with their sins and try to make amends. It was also where they would all meet up with the people that had mattered most in their lives and move on to the next stage, be it heaven or something akin to it.

After all these years, it was incredibly moving to see all the characters again, them getting together, small hints and nods to things that have happened during the last six years, and it was filled to the brim with nostalgia. People who loved each other, people who made peace, people who, if only for a short time, got a glimpse of what their existence could have been like.

To me, it’s both encouraging and depressing. The sad part of course is that what they fought for, lived, loved and longed for, what they dreamed of in many cases only was an intermittent part of their lives that wasn’t real, only a figment of their imagination and what they had hoped for.

The positive thing on the other hand is the idea that Live Together, Die Alone isn’t what it has to be like; on the contrary, there’s something very comforting about gathering with the closest ones in your life and together take the step to the next level.

When it comes to all the mysteries that didn’t get any, or not a full, explanation, sure, some things would have been nice to know more about. But at the same time, and something I got into a long time ago, it’s not necessarily about the end and understanding every step of they way there, but rather about sitting back and enjoying the journey.

Thank you Lost for six wonderful years, for all that you have given me and for creating a wonderful experience.


  • Sami says:

    Hey hey, I agree with every word you said. The final episode was such an emotional combination of joy and sadness. I am gonna miss Lost a lot but it was an ending that made Lost justice. I know many have critisized the final episode for not revealing all the mysteries, but like you say, I don’t see that it is necessary either. It was a great journey…

  • I'm very pleased with the final episode, it was a very worthy and touching ending for the best TV-show I've ever seen!

    Thanx for the discussions, and for sharing thoughts around the episodes with me over the past years πŸ™‚

  • Robert Nyman says:


    Glad that you agree! πŸ™‚

    And most definitely, it was a great ending and it was a very fitting ending to it all.


    Absolutely, very worthy. And I agree, Lost is the best TV Show I've ever seen too.

    And thanks for all the talks, discussions and sharing of theories! πŸ™‚

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