Joining Google!

Time to announce my new job: I’m joining Google! My role will be Developer Relations Program Manager for the Nordics.

Helping developers

When I decided to move on from Mozilla I contemplated a number of options & possibilities, finding the best match for what I want do and how I can best do that.

I’ve always loved helping developers create good things, through teaching, inspiring and supporting but also – which is key – listening to their needs and see how I can assist in any way possible.

After thinking it through I decided that Google, with all their great products, services, tooling and people, but also pushing the web further, would be the best place for my future adventures!

And, seeing all the great improvements with Android Lollipop and how web apps move closer to being first-class citizens on mobile, I’d love to be a part of that happening! Not to mention Chrome, where Chrome for Mobile alone has gotten 100 million more users in the last five months!

My role at Google

Starting in January next year, I’ll be heading Google’s Developer Relations efforts in the Nordic region, which I’m really excited about! It’s a thriving part of the world with so many great developers and companies, and also an amazing startup scene. I look forward to spending a lot more time in making that even better!

I’ll be working closely with the local developer scenes and the Google Developer Groups (GDGs) and Google Developer Experts (GDEs) around the Open Web, Chrome, Android and other Google products, and I’ll be located in the Google office in Stockholm.

I also hope to bring my international experience covering the entire world at Mozilla with understanding developers, contexts, challenges and possibilities, into both my regional work as well as Google on a global scale.

Good people!

A major perk of joining Google is also getting to work with a bunch of great and very talented people. Just to name a few:

(I’m certain I’m forgetting some names here, it’s not intentional)

…and about a 100 people more in various areas of Google who I know. 🙂

Follow me!

I have a bunch of exciting ideas and initiatives moving forward, so I strongly recommend staying in touch with me and follow what I do:

Here’s to developers creating great things and the exciting future we’re moving into!


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