Touring South America with Mozilla

In a week from now, starting next Thursday, I and some Mozilla colleagues will embark on a MDN (Mozilla Developer Network) tour of South America!

To be more specific, it will cover the South Cone, and within 8 days we will be visiting four countries:

  • Argentina
  • Uruguay
  • Brazil
  • Chile

I was in Chile in November last year, and I’m very happy to go back to a thriving region with lots if interesting things going on! We will be arranging MDN Hack Days/Evenings, and it will be free to attend, so if you are in the region, sign up now!

The Schedule

This is an outline of the events we will be organizing in the region, and all but the MozCamp in Buenos Aires (which is for invited contributors) is open for for everyone. Our speakers will vary a bit, but I will personally be in all four locations.

April 20th

Time for the Buenos Aires MDN Hack Day, a full day of presentations and hacking away on the web!

April 21st-22nd

MozCamp in Buenos Aires, with a lot of Mozillians talking about development and the community.

April 24th

Montevideo MDN Hack Day Developer Evening, talking about HTML5, Boot to Gecko, Apps and Mozilla Persona.

April 26th

São Paulo MDN Hack Day Developer Evening, where I will be talking about HTML5 in general and about a number of exciting JavaScript APIs.

April 28th

Santiago MDN Hack Day Developer Evening, covering HTML5, Boot to Gecko, Apps and Mozilla Persona.


I’ve only been to Chile in South America before, two times (including Easter Island), but am really excited to meet lots of great people and seeing interesting places in south South America!


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