Summer break

I’m glad to say that I am just about to start my summer vacation!

It’s been about a week since my last working day for my former employer, and I have had a lot of things to tend to since then. Doing lots of work in the garden and some house chores, building up my home office (just decided my office will have a Les Paul and an amp so I can take breaks and just go guitar crazy when I need to :-)).

In a weak moment I promised to write an article, so I’ve been spending quite some time on researching and writing that as well (more on that when it has been published).

But now, finally, I think I’m all set and can start relaxing! People who have known me for a while know I usually take quite long summer breaks. However, things have changed.

I will now have two weeks completely off anything, and don’t count on reaching me via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook or similar. This is my “charging the batteries” time and it’s a very important break for me.

I’m just about to go on vacation with my wonderful daughters and having two full weeks completely dedicated to them will be fantastic!

I’ll be back in business – and then I really mean business – June 27th when I have my first day as a Mozilla employee!

Have a truly great summer, thanks for reading and take care of each other!


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