Geek Meet January 2013, with John Wilander

Sold out

All seats have been taken. Please write a comment to be put on a waiting list, there are always a number of cancellations, so there’s still a chance.

New date

Geek Meet has been moved to January 16th.

Time to announce the first Geek Meet of 2013! I had plans on doing it at the end of this year, but with Christmas and surrounding activities for a lot of people, I decided to have it early next year instead.

In Swedish!

One thing to note is that this Geek Meet will be held in Swedish! When I started Geek Meet over 6 years ago, it was all in Swedish and a ton of good dicussions. Having had international speakers for a few years now, it’s been more of a show in English (which I’ve really liked!).

However, I and our Swedish speaker this time around talked about this, decided to try it in Swedish and also to see if the discussion participation level and ambiance of the event changed.

See it as our little experiement. 🙂

So, who’s the speaker then?

Introducing John Wilander

John Wilander is a frontend software developer at Svenska Handelbanken and spends about 70 % of his time on web development and 30 % on web security. He has been researching and working in application security for ten years and is an active leader in OWASP, the Open Web Application Security Project. In 2011 he organized the OWASP Summit Browser Security sessions in Portugal, with participants from the security teams behind Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Flash, and PayPal.

During his years in academia he was elected best computer science teacher twice and nowadays gives 5-10 professional talks per year. He can be found on Twitter, GitHub, SlideShare, and the world of blogging.

The presentations

John will give two presentations during the evening:

Integration Patterns for Legacy and Third Party Web Apps

Quite a few organizations are finding themselves in a legacy situation with their web applications. Over ten years have passed since the era of dynamic HTML and with the rise of HTML5 and mobile platforms there is now need to gradually move these legacy beasts into a new architecture. Additionally, more and more third party services are offered such as maps, tracking, social media tie-ins, video etc.

What are the possible and suitable design patterns for bringing new web, old web, and third party web together? We will dig into the postMessage api, the iframe sandbox directive, CORS, and the same-origin policy while comparing it to the previous generation of integration with jsonp and other hacks.

Web Application Security 2013

JavaScript guru Douglas Crockford spent over half of his talk on security in 2010. in 2012 he gave a keynote at a … wait for it … security conference. As the web is becoming the de facto platform most of IT, security is becoming an issue on developers’ minds.

This talk will look into were current problems are found, such as DOM-based XSS, scriptless attacks, and my good old favorite cross-site request forgeries. We will also get an overview of new countermeasures that browser vendors are enabling developers to use, such as Content Security Policy, X-Frame-Options, and HTTP Strict Transport Security.

Time & place

This Geek Meet will be sponsored by Valtech, and will take place January 17th 16th, 2013, at 18:00 in their office at Hantverkargatan 5 in Stockholm. Valtech will also provide beer and pizza to every attendant, all free of charge.

Sign up now!

Please sign up with a comment below. Please only sign up if you know you can attend. There are 150 seats available, and you can only sign up yourself. Please use a valid name and e-mail address, since this will be used to identify you at the event to get in.

Sold out

All seats have been taken. Please write a comment to be put on a waiting list, there are always a number of cancellations, so there’s still a chance.


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