Geek Meet March 4th 2013, with Denise Jacobs

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All seats have been taken. Please write a comment to be put on a waiting list, there’s always a number of cancellations, so there’s still a chance.

Short notice, I know, but next Geek Meet will be March 4th! New sponsor, new premises!

Introducing Denise Jacobs

I’m really happy to introduce Denise Jacobs as the speaker this time! She is an Author, Speaker, Web Design Consultant, and Creativity Evangelist, based in Miami, Florida. The author of The CSS Detective Guide, and co-authored InterAct with Web Standards: A Holistic Approach to Web Design and the newly-released Smashing Book #3 & #3 1/3. In addition to that, also one of the authors to Web Design and Mobile Trends for 2013 – available free as an eBook!

We’re quite lucky that Denise, while in Sweden, has made sure to drop by Stockholm one day to make this happen!

The presentations

Denise will be giving two presentations during the evening:

Hacking The Creative Brain (aka Your Brain on Creativity)

What is happening inside our craniums, amongst the cortex, hemispheres, neuroglia, and brainwaves when we feel on fire with creativity and when we don’t? Creativity is a complex symphony of neurobiology, neurochemistry, and neuroelectricity in the brain. In this session, we’ll take an unconventional journey through story to discover how the brain works best to be creative. Through better understanding key processes, we’ll learn potentially surprising ways to harness the brain’s innate creative powers for increased ideation, innovation, productivity, and getting into flow states to do your work better. Beware: the science of the creative brain completely challenges standard ways to approach concentration, work, order, focus, and productivity, and may change how you work.

Gamify Your Work

Looming deadlines, demanding clients, boring projects, and even feelings of fatigue that may signal the beginnings of burnout — any of these everyday afflictions can making it tough to dredge up the energy to be psyched about your work and be amazing at what you do. These feelings can disappear if we shift our perspective to gamify work. Let’s look at how we can bring gamification theories and practices to our work to spur the process of enhancing productivity and innovation to produce easily, better, more, and get the epic win.

New sponsor and premises

In addition to the recurring and very porfessional sponsors of Geek Meet I work with, I wanted to try something new this time: both a new sponsor and a new place to be.
I’m happy to say that Viaplay are the sponsors this time around, and Geek Meet will take place in a studio!

For those who are into Swedish TV, this is the studio that they are shooting the show Efterlyst in during normal circumstances, but this night it’s reseverd for us!

Time & place

This Geek Meet will be sponsored by Viaplay, and will take place March 4th, 2013, at 18:00 in the Viaplay office at Ringvägen 52 in Stockholm. Viaplay will also provide drinks and food to every attendant, all free of charge.

Sign up now!

Please sign up with a comment below. Please only sign up if you know you can attend. There are 140 seats available, and you can only sign up yourself. Please use a valid name and e-mail address, since this will be used to identify you at the event to get in.

Sold out

All seats have been taken. Please write a comment to be put on a waiting list, there’s always a number of cancellations, so there’s still a chance.


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