Speaking in 30 countries

I’ve been very fortunate and lucky to get the chance to travel around in the world and speak at conferences, and now I’ve reached speaking in 30 countries!

All the slides, videos and more are available on Lanyrd.

For me it has been a fantastic learning experience, from getting to see all kinds of people, circumstances and contexts to getting to see many differing parts of the world.

Countries I’ve spoken in

The countries I’ve spoken in, as taken from Lanyrd:

  1. Argentina
  2. Belgium
  3. Brazil
  4. Bulgaria
  5. Canada
  6. Chile
  7. Colombia
  8. Croatia
  9. Czech Republic
  10. Denmark
  11. England
  12. Finland
  13. France
  14. Germany
  15. India
  16. Italy
  17. Mexico
  18. Netherlands
  19. Norway
  20. Poland
  21. Portugal
  22. Romania
  23. Russia
  24. Scotland
  25. South Africa
  26. Spain
  27. Sweden
  28. Switzerland
  29. United States
  30. Uruguay

I would like to add Australia or New Zealand to this list, though, to have all the major continents. πŸ™‚
Let me know if you’re interested.

See you!

Thank you to all the conference organizers and attendees, and I hope to see you at another conference soon! πŸ™‚


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