Geek Meet is now on

I’ve been running Geek Meet since 2006, and I felt it was time for a little upgrade in the way I handle registrations. Which means Geek Meet is now on!

Throughout the years, I’ve manually handled the invitations, RSVPs, comments on this blog with some code and approaches of my own. The immensive upside has been that I’ve read all the names, communicated with all the people personally and feel like I’ve really gotten to know a lot of you through that!

The downside, naturally, is the time and overhead it takes. Therefore, to make the RSVP handling easier for me, to cater to the service most of you use and also to spread the word about Geek Meet to a new audience, I decided to try and use Meetup.

So, please, if you love Geek Meet, sign up as member now!

And also, of course, a very exciting meetup is due April 27th, and I’ll announce it on Meetup soon!

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