Travel in 2016

Travel. Such an amazing chance to see the world and meet lots of fantastic people! In 2016, I traveled:

  • 121 days
  • 203,078 km
  • 19 countries
  • 25 cities
  • On 16 trips

I know I am extremely fortunate to get to do all of this, and while I naturally miss my loved ones a ton when I'm away, at the same time it is an enormous opportunity.

When I travel I sleep very little. Because between work, conferences meetings, local transportation and more, I see it as my responsibility to see and do as much in the place I get to go to. To both show respect to the local people, culture and sights, but also to spread the word about the amazing humans and sights there are out there in the world.

So, between lots of work and sleep deprivation, people mostly get to see the nice pictures I post on Facebook and elsewhere (please add me as a Facebook friend if we know each other). And I humbly hope that they inspire you to go and explore more of this fantastic world as well!






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