Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I sat down with some chocolate (naturally) and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I’ve eagerly awaited this movie, thinking that the combination of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp couldn’t go wrong. And it didn’t.

As every Burton movie, the scenery is magic; it’s like another world! Depp is totally outstanding in his role, and his sarcasm is beautiful, as is Freddie Highmore in his part as Charlie. However, Deep Roy have some scenes where he’s really close to stealing the whole show! The depiction of the children is also brilliant.

Without spoiling the movie for those who haven’t seen this, just remember these keywords: The set decoration, Johnny Depp’s laughter and the singing. Man, oh man!

All in all, a real must-see. Just like with Big Fish, I wish it would’ve gone on forever. The sudden “already?”-sadness comes along here too.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at IMDB


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