Sin City

Sin City is an extremely stylistic movie, and every scene is perfect in that sense. It is a very violent movie, but given the format of it, they get away with it.
All the actors do a god job, but personally I think I prefer the story with Micky Rourke.

Throughout the whole movie, I was on my toes to see what would happen next, eager to see what conclusion it would lead to.

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  • It was clear.

    Like a single one of those raindrops would've been

    had it been taken in on its own.

    Put together like they were, falling from the sky above

    they clouded my vision. I felt the adrenaline

    going through me, enhancing my sense of sight.

    There wasn't much hesitation. No time to hesitate.

    Delaying would not work, a decision had to be made now.

    I knew, though. I was so sure of it. It was the color

    of her eyes, the bloodred of her dress.

    Standing against that railing, the bustle of the city

    beneath her, I could've just stood there, waiting. Watching.

    There was something about her voice, or perhaps the

    way her lips moved when she talked. Bloodred lips,

    like her dress.

    Every shred of my body was prepared. It was obvious

    that this was where it all started. This was the time

    and place, and I was ready for it.

    The first few minutes passed, already making it

    abundantly clear to me. As the bloodred dripped

    down, nothing else was on my mind.

    I'm going to love this movie.

  • Robert Nyman says:

    Yes, it was great, wasn't it? πŸ™‚

  • andr3 says:

    I was afraid this would get overdone with the peculiar photography.. what works on the paper might not work on screen.

    but it did work.. and boy, how it did! Loved the noir feeling of it.

    Definitely, Mikey Rourke is amazing in his role and so is Elijah, even though he doesn't say a word.. but hey with such a cast it's hard point out one or two. πŸ™‚

  • Robert Nyman says:


    I shared your fear of it being overdone too, but yeah, it really did work; spectacularly good.

    And I agree: the cast was amazing.

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