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About RobLab

Welcome! I'm Robert Nyman and this is RobLab (yes, I know, its a corny name). It stands for Robert's Laboratory, a place where I have sample code for anyone to use (or, in some rare cases, link to other peoples' code). No restrictions at all, but I'd be happy if you would credit me in your file and link to http://www.robertnyman.com, where I almost daily blog about web developing.

This web site is divided into three sections: CSS, JavaScript and Web Browsers. I will present different code snippets to create something different or just to solve common problems. However, I will not explain the code in detail, so it is targeted at the medium- to advanced web developers, i.e. not meant as a beginner's guide but rather as a small code bank for fairly experienced developers. To see the code in question, simply view the page's source.

Some code might not be perfect, and this web site is definitely a work in progress, but I still hope that it will help and inspire you! The number to the right of the menu alternatives is how many code snippets that are available in that particular section.

If you find something that doesn't work, please let me know, but be aware that I will probably not have the time to fix it. Fix it yourself instead, and I'll publish it here and credit you! :-)


Please feel free to contact me at robnyman [at] gmail [dot] com with suggestions, wishes or just plain ol' opinions.

Thanks to Wobbler for creating the initial design that this is based on.