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Three-column reading layout
This was inspired by the JavaScript-based reading layout that International Herald Tribune uses, amongst others. Basically, it allows the text to flow from one column to the left, like in a magazine, which makes it easier for reading.
It also allows for client-side paging if the text will be longer than in the initial three columns that are displayed. The script recalculates the columns when the browser window is resized, and has other customizable properties such as line height and minimum number of rows.
One known problem is that it doesn't work perfectly if the font size and line height isn't set using px unit, another is that it won't work in XHTML being served as application/xhtml+xml, since it uses innerHTML.
Just a simple script to shape up invalid HTML to XHTML through a regular expression. It also keeps uppercase characters in attribute text while lowercasing tag and attribute names.
Dynamic column width
Dynamic column width fix for Internet Explorer.
Find out the current Text Size setting in IE
How to find out what Text Size setting the current visitor has in his/her IE.
Text to paragraphs
Converting text blocks followed by line breaks into paragraphs.
Remove all HTML tags from a string
A little regular expression to remove all HTML tags from a string.