The Saddam Hussein verdict

Saddam Hussein has just been sentenced to death. The trial has taken over a year to complete, with lots of different twists and turns. With no disrespect to people who have been affected by Saddam’s reign, I find the whole situation a joke…

Let me first state that I’m convinced that Saddam is an evil man and that he no doubt had it coming. So, my thoughts here aren’t about his potential guilt and all the consequences of his actions through the years, but rather the trial itself and the verdict.

I mean, seriously, who thought there was ever a slight chance of him getting acquitted? In my eyes, from day one, this has been a set-up trial to, in some way, to try to gain the world’s respect and give the impression of this being fair in any way. They could’ve shot him right away when they found hidden away in a hole, and all it would’ve been is a quicker handling time of the matter.

And if we look past the discussion about if the death penalty should really exist in a country that claims to respect human rights, let’s take a look at the verdict: death by hanging. Hanging?! It’s not like he stole a horse in the ol’ Wild West!

I also have to bring up the conspiracy theory that this verdict is made official two days before the Elections for the United States House of Representatives is to be held, and the Republicans are currently in a very bad position… If that’s true, the world of PR is truly something terrible.

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