An alternate iPhone review

I now own an iPhone and must reconsider what I wrote in iPhone letdowns.

First, I must say that the iPhone has revolutionized my sex life. It has made me come harder than ever before. And, sometimes when I get into the mood, I use the fantastic app iRectum, turn on the vibrating and ask my friends to call, for the ultimate pleasure.

Some people have complained about the pricing model, but personally I had no problem selling both my kids to be able to experience such a fantastic interface! And, oh, the camera! Sure, it might take blurry pictures, but, honestly, don’t we all feel out of focus from time to time? Besides, photography and grainy quality reminds me of my fond days as a crack whore in Berlin…

Also, for those who haven’t tried it yet, I strongly recommend the service RapeMe to be sure of where all your savings go, while presenting your “photos” to all your friends – please remember, love is blind.


Disclaimer: I don’t really own an iPhone. I do think it’s a pretty good product, although it lacks some features. Perhaps I’ll get one one day.
This post is rather targeted at the ridiculously biased and uncritical reviews and blog posts I read this summer about the iPhone 3G. If my harsh language has offended anyone, accept my apologies.

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