Invasion of my public privacy

Today I thought we’d talk about privacy and how Twitter messages and status updates affects that in a manner you probably haven’t thought of.

Being aware

I use Twitter to write short messages about what I do, and then my status in Facebook automatically gets updated from that. From an integrity perspective I am very well aware of the fact that anyone can read it, and make sure to refrain from writing something too personal and definitely not anything that would out someone else in any way.

My public privacy

But what happens when you want to write something and share it with the world and get lots of fun feedback, but you don’t want certain people closer to you read it? We’re not talking about secrets here, but something that would just make me feel awkward and a bit out of place.

There are things that are ok to share with the “world”, especially those you only know a little, but it’s embarrassing if someone you see every day reads it. Like, some things feel good in a public context, but is way too sensitive in a private one.

My problem

My problem is that my mother-in-law has become a friend of mine on Facebook. All fine and well and there’s nothing on there that she can’t get to know. However, it does hold me back from writing certain status updates that it would feel really weird she were to read it.

For instance, If I wanted to write:

How come one’s anus is an erogenous zone? It has to be against nature somehow…

I can’t really do that. Because if I would, the next dinner at their house would definitely feel, eh, different…

But at the same time, I’d love to write it to get some good comments and perhaps a laugh or two.

So, my friends, how does one handle an invasion of one’s public privacy?

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