Storing images and files in IndexedDB

This post was originally published for Mozilla Hacks.

The desired future approach for storing things client-side in web browsers is utilizing IndexedDB. Here I’ll walk you through how to store images and files in IndexedDB and then present them through an ObjectURL.

The general approach

First, let’s talk about the steps we will go through to create an IndexedDB data base, save the file into it and then read it out and present in the page:

  1. Create or open a database.
  2. Create an objectStore (if it doesn’t already exist)
  3. Retrieve an image file as a blob
  4. Initiate a database transaction
  5. Save that blob into the database
  6. Read out that saved file and create an ObjectURL from it and set it as the src of an image element in the page

Creating the code

Let’s break down all parts of the code that we need to do this:

Create or open a database.


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